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Bill Salinardi: Posted on Tuesday, August 07, 2012 1:48 PM
.Dear Clients and Potential Clients,
Unfortunately, there are some things on the Internet that were done in a ruthless attack to try to ruin my reputation, and my company's. I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to the point.
This letter is to address every one of these complaints you see on Goggle page. I am not trying to make any excuses, nor am I going to be part of it without answering them head on. I was part of a cowardly smear campaign.
Please don't just read thre Goggle headline, click on and read the response also.
 Firstly, I had a disgruntle former independent contractor/employee, that did a smear campaign on me, simply because she wanted to get paid before her client she referred to Keep Me In My Home, paid the full amount of money owed to me for postponing her sale date 4 months. She threaten me, that if did not pay her, she would get her and her friends to write bad things about my company, and she did. If you look at the complaints(all 6), they are all posted all in the same time frame, and all consistent with wording. If you read my reply to her slander, you will also see that she is being sued in U.S. District Court for slandering other innocent people and companies. I was finally  paid for my services, and in turn, this former employee has been paid. She promised to write a post saying that, but has not done so to date.
The following is a couple emails I was threatened with:
cate milne <>
If I am not paid tomorrow, Annette will not pay you and I will go to rip off report with my story
Many Blessings,
Cate Milne
From: cate milne <>
Date: May 25, 2012 11:49:22 AM PDT
To: Bill Salinardi <>
Subject:Jane is ready to submit a rip off and pissed off client report if you do not pay me. I continue to try to get to Sherren, who I know will do it. You will not be able to counter their reports with lies. It will just put more nails in your coffin. We will ruin you!!!!

-Many Blessings,
Cate Milne
The other one from a client that entered a home loan principle reduction program. Unfortunately, the company they signed up with, never did what they claimed, and I was blamed. I did fight very hard for the client and got the clients’ money back that she paid that company, but the complaint website said they will not take the post off, ever. The client even requested it to come off, but was refused. Please take a moment and read these links, and see what these websites do to companies such as mine.
My references on my website are impeccable. I never have done anything to hurt people, or scam anyone. I’ve only tried to help them, and make a couple dollars doing so, which is what a company is supposed to do.
I am not embarrassed, only hurt, that people can write the things they do on the Internet, even if the allegations are found to be not true, there is really nothing you can do about it. I have 100’s of very satisfied clients.Please feel free to ask me about any of the things posted on me or my company.
Bill Salinardi
Keep Me In My Home