Keep Me In My Home, LLC - "Stopping trustee sale dates & evictions"
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Stop your eviction
up to 8 months Often  longer!
Don't be kicked out!
          We Serve Arizona-California-Nevada
                                        All counties
                                       All 50 States
  Our process is different-Know the difference
                     We Get you up to  8 months
       Over 3000 sucessful cases
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 We can help you if :
•You're a homeowner that lost your home to foreclosure
•You are a tenant of a property owner who is in    foreclosure
•You have received a Three Day Notice to Quit or Vacate
•You have received summons of an Unlawful Detainer action
•You are a tenant under a rental or lease agreement, we can get you more
  time and save you money while you find a new place to live.
Plus, if you want a company that will always let you know where your at, with the time schedule of the process, keep you updated, so you can sleep at night, and come and go as you please, without worrying whose calling or knocking at your door. That's a promise! 
Please don't put this off. The faster we know your property has been sold, the longer we will probably get you to stay in your home.
 Responding to any notice you have receive is so important. Any notice!!!!!
We start working on your file as soon as any kind of contact from the lender or 3rd party is made with you.
Example: 3 day Notice to Quit- If received on a Friday, Saturday,Sunday, or hoiday, it counts in the time frame to respond. Should it be a long holiday weekend, you have just missed the time period to respond.  
We can get you an up to 8 months, and sometimes more, to get back on track, before paying rent again.
 Some of our clients have been on our program 11 months.
We can help you get more time before you have to move. Even if your property has already been sold to a new owner, or the bank has taken your property back, we can get you an additional 4-8 months to stay in your home before you will have to move.
We aggressively fight the foreclosure eviction process, using all legal means possible for a LOW FLAT MONTHLY FEE! We serve all counties in California, and all 50 states, helping homeowners delay evictions or  foreclosures. We guarantee we can delay the eviction! If you are in the process of foreclosure and need to know where you stand with your property, contact us and we
will let you know for free!
We will give you a Free consultation and let you know the status of your property foreclosure. 
Keep Me In My Home also specializes in tenant evictions. If you are a tenant. and you're facing eviction, because your landlord is in foreclosure, we can defend your rights as a tenant and get you more time to save money and find a new place to live.
          We  service all 50 states for Eviction Delay

  We service all counties throughout California
Keep Me In My Home, saving a home    CALL TODAY
Disclaimer: Keep Me In My Home is in no way trying to permanently prevent foreclosure or modify the terms of your mortgage. At no point will Home Retention Services be contacting your lender to modify your loan or giving you advice on how to prevent your foreclosure. Keep Me In My Home is simply working at the trustee/attorney level to delay the foreclosure sale of our client's properties. We are not offering any legal advice nor representing you in any way other than employing your rights to properly validate certain items required prior to foreclosure sale. We advise clients to consult their local tax attorney or professional regarding financial liability related to foreclosure or short sale. Keep Me In My Home is not collecting any advanced fees as services are provided prior to Keep Me In My Home being paid. Keep Me In My Home foreclosure delay makes no warranties or guarantees of our service. Keep Me In My Home should be used as the last option for anyone who intends to keep their home after exhausting all other avenues. All clients realize that their lender can foreclose while in this service.