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Trustee Sale Delay Questions:
The following are answers to frequency asked questions about trustee sales and foreclosures. If your question is not on this list, please do not hesitate to call Keep Me In My Home for answers.
Q. What states do you service?
Serving all 50 states
Q. Who qualifies?
A. You qualify if you:
  • Have a Trustee Salete
  • At least 24 hours before trustee sale date(If less please call)
  • Have been denied for a loan modification
  • Need more time to facilitate a short sale, regular sale, or loan modification
Must have received a Notice of Trustee Sale
  • Contract must be initiated 48 hours before sale date (some exceptions allowed)
  • After service is rendered, transaction payment must be completed within 24 hours
Q. What if I filed bankruptcy?
A. Even if you have filed for Bk, and the time is up on your sale delay that the court granted you, we still can help you delay the sale date further.
Q. How do you delay a trustee sale?
A. Our service requires the Trustee to verify a comprehensive list of issues related to the legal nature of the foreclosure proceedings.  During the time it takes for them to respond, you as the homeowner still retain full ownership of the property and live there comfortably. Since the Trustee assumes the liability in auctioning the property, they will not foreclose on the property because they could face sanctions and ultimately lose their license. Trustees are incredibly busy and generating huge profits so they will continually postpone the sale date until they have adequate time to research and respond to the issues raised by our company.
Meanwhile you get to stay in your home.
Q. What are the odds you can delay trustee sale or eviction?
A. Keep Me In My Home is very good at what we do. While there are many companies out there that make claims that their success rate is  100%,98%, 95%, it,s just not the case any longer. The facts are, those claims were correct once upond a long time ago.
     Things have changed so rapidlly in the first 4 months of 2012. Banks have been fined, and they have been allowed to move on for all their wrong doing.
While we are still getting the trustee sales delayed, but they have become much harder to get them for the longer period. Delays are ranging from 4 months to 15 months, and in some cases longer. Beware of the claims of up to 42 months. It's just not happening any longer. At least not legally.
Evictions delays are different. They can be drawn out for a 5-11 month  period of time, and sometimes a lot longer, by responding to all your notices to leave the property, in the correct manor. There is a formal process that must be followed, which includes responding in a way that gets you a longer period of time vs. only 30-45 days. 
   Please take a few moments to watch this video before you read on.
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Mortgage Paperwork Mess The Next Housing Shock CBS 60 Minutes - April 3 2011
60 minuets report on mortgage mess an robo signing
This a must watch.
 It will shock you!
delay trustee sale date
Q. How soon will I know that my sale date has been  delayed?
A. We want to report the status of your delay accurately. In our world, verbal   notification isn’t good enough.  We only notify clients when a postpone had been posted or recorded, or we have received notification from the trustee in writing.  For some unknown reason… known only by trustees… 50% of the time we receive notice several days before the sale date; 50% of the time we receive notice on the day of the sale. We know this can be tough on you, but we are at the mercy of trustees to publish the information in their own good time. When we get confirmation, we immediately call or email the results to you.  We know how important the information can be for you and your family.
Q. Is this process guaranteed?
A. Yes! We postpone your sale date or you don't pay us. You pay us after we delay. That is the way the process works through out the term of delaying your sale.
Q. Is It Too Late To Stop My Trustee Sale?
A. Most homeowners believe it is too late to save their home once a trustee sale date has been set. This is especially true when they have been denied for foreclosure alternatives such as loan modification.  Many of these homeowners are not prepared to move out of their houses even though they have not paid their mortgage for many months, and in some cases even years. Yet, once a NOTICE OF SALE has been posted, most homeowners have less than 21 days to stop the sale date or the bank will auction off the property. And once the bank forecloses, they have the right to sell your property and remove you from it.
However, as long as you get us your application and required paperwork at least 24 hours before the trustee auction, Keep Me In My Home can most likely stop your sale. Homeowners in can continue using Keep Me In My Home's service to delay the sale of their property for up to 36 months, so you can continue with your loan modification or short sale negotiation while in this program.
Q. Do you have Eviction Defense?
 A. In the unfortunate event that there are no longer any options for a home owner who was foreclosed upon, but you still need some time before you move from your residence, Keep Me In My Home can postpone the eviction for  a minimum  6 months or longer from the day of you are served a  Notice to Quit.
You have rights as a Tenant and/or Former Homeowner
  • If Only 3-Day Notice to Vacate is posted we can delay the eviction a minimum of 6 months, up to 12 months.
  • If the Unlawful Detainer has been issued, we can delay the eviction a minimum of 4 months, up to 8 months
Q. Is there an alternative to your program?
A. Yes. You have to move.Please look at this very closely.
You start by chasing down rentals every free moment you have, only to be disappointed time after time. You finally settle for a place you don't really like.
#1  Cost of a typical 2 bedroom rental run approximately $1500.00
#2 Pay first ($1500) pay last($1500) plus pay a security deposit($1000)
     Total output = $4000
#3 Turn on the utilities @ new address.$500 Note: If your credit has been   
       tarnished they may ask for a security deposit.More $$$
#4 Rent a moving truck = $500
#5 Pack up everything and move = More stress
#6 Relocate your family to a different area, change the kids school,etc,etc..
Total output approximately $5000 - $7000.
You still have to unpack and settle in.
Q. How Much Does It Cost?
A. While it may be a shock to those who have enjoyed the financial benefit of living for free in their homes by not paying their mortgage for a period of time, the Keep Me In My Home service is a cost effective solution with a monthly retainer  that is in most cases less than you would have to pay for renting a studio apartment. In other words, now that foreclosure is imminent, it is cheaper to stay in your own home than to let the bank take your home and force you to move out!  Unlike most delay companies, our monthly retainer is a flat cost, no matter what your mortgage payment is or what your house is worth. A typical attorney charges in access of $3-5000.00 up front retainer, plus an average monthly maintenance fee of $1300.00 per month.
Keep Me In My Home can perform the same service for a fraction of the cost. Plus there are no up front costs. We perform before you pay a dime.
Keep Me In My Home  services carries a 100% money back guarentee.
  Although it highly unlikely Keep Me In My Home won't delay your sale date, if  unsuccessful for whatever reason getting your trustee sale postponed for a full 30 days, the money you paid for that month's postponement is prorated for the time your sale was delayed by 30 days, and quickly returned to you. Please call for details.
Client Does Not have to be:
  • On the Note, Title or Deed
  • Occupying the property
To find out if you qualify simply call us or fax your Notice of Trustee Sale along with your phone number and the best time to reach you.  
Fax: (949) 334-1299
 CALL TODAY (949)489-0436
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