Keep Me In My Home, LLC - "Stopping trustee sale dates & evictions"
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Bill Salinardi - Keep Me In My Home
We delay your trustee sale date or eviction.Our service 100% guaranteed.
Delay your  trustee sale up to 15 months
Stop eviction up to 9 months! Guaranteed!
No up-front fee's

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No Bankruptcy Required
We Postpone or You Don't Pay
Same sale day delays
             Residential* Rental*Commercial*Income*Investment*
We delay your trustee sale date, and keep you in your home. Our service is 100% guaranteed. If we cannot postpone your trustee sale date you don’t pay us a dime. Our service is less expensive than what you would pay to rent a studio apartment, or move the family to a different location.
  • We do not file a Skeleton Bankruptcy
  • We do not cloud your title
  • We do not transfer 1% ownership to someone you don't even know
  • We do not sue your lender
Business card pic,Keep Mr In My Home                                    Our Motto  
Were not going to tell you something, because we think it is something you want to hear. We tell you what you need to know, believing that way, you can make an intelligent decision. No hype! No bull! Just facts!
            "We know what your going through, please let us help
  Now Serving 50 states
                Hundreds of sale dates delayed!
Our services are tailored for homeowners that have an upcoming trustee’s sale date, or were just denied for a short sale or loan modification. Working with us, we give you the power to postpone the foreclosure sale date and keep your home from going to auction. We challenge the trustee's ability to foreclose and require them to verify 100′s of details. This gives you ample time to get your modification or short sale approved. Many homeowners re-apply for loan modifications or short sales.
HuMMMMMMMMMMM  Keep Me In My Home, LLC,Dom't know wich way to turn
Just Don't Know Which Way to Turn or What to Do!
If you are faced with a Notice of Default , Notice of Foreclosure, or  Notice of Sale, or a 3 Day Notice to Quit, we know what you must be feeling inside. Probably scared to answer the phone, answer the door, sleepless nights, and just plain scared for you and your loved ones that you won't have a roof over your head very shortly, and don't have the money or time to find a new place to live. We can help!!
Q. Is there an alternative to your program?
A. Yes. You have to move. Please look at this very closely.
You start by chasing down rentals every free moment you have, only to be disappointed time after time. You finally settle for a place you don't really like.
Now comes:
1) Cost of a typical 2 bedroom rental run approximately $1500.00
2) Pay first ($1500) pay last($1500) plus pay a security deposit($1000)
    Total output = $4000
3) Turn on the utilities @ new address.$500 Note: If your credit has been
tarnished they may ask for a security deposit. More $$$
People moving in truck4) Rent a moving truck = $500
5) Pack up everything and move = More stress
6) Relocate your family to a different area, change the kids school, etc., etc...
Total output approximately $5000 - $7000.
You still have to unpack and settle in.
We are focused on helping people from all walks of life and in all states from California to New Hampshire and in between.
Our record is second to none. Some of our clients  have stayed in their homes as long as 38 months.
We  have been helping folks like you since 2009

 We can delay trustee sale dates and keep you in your home for up to 15 months, sometimes longer. We also have an REO program to help those being evicted because of foreclosure.  This service will allow you to stay in your home for up 6-11 months, even after you receive an eviction notice. Please see Eviction page.
We Guarantee

  Do not pay unless we postpone the sale!
  Our retainer is not based on:
   · Loan Amount
   · Loan Balance
 · Home Value
                      · Your Mortgage Payment
Keep Me In My Home, LLC  
 CALL TODAY (949)489-0436
Delays for 30-days at a time. Keep Me In My Home is in no way trying to permanently prevent foreclosure. At no point will Keep Me In My Home be
contacting your lender or giving you advice on how to prevent your foreclosure. 
Keep Me In My Home is simply working at the trustee level to delay the trustee sale
 of our client’s properties. We are not offering any legal advice nor representing you
in any way. We advise clients to consult their local tax attorney or professional. Keep Me In My Home is not collecting any advanced fees, as services are provided prior to  Keep Me In My Home being paid. Keep Me In My Home has no guarantees that it will delay your sale.  Keep Me In My Home should be used as the last resort for anyone who intends to keep their home after exhausting all other avenues.
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